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Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands

Ronald Reagan passed on June 5, 2004.  But that doesn’t mean the greatest President in the history of America stopped impacting American politics.  His legacy lives on. Did Donald Trump ever meet Reagan, ever shake his hand? He sure did! Several times, as a matter of...

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Love Tshirt Design

Love Tshirt Design

What do I say about this shirt?  It is my absolute favorite.  Nothing encapsulates the conservative mission better than this Shirt.  We Love our country.  We love our soldiers. We love our fellow citizens.  We love the unborn.  Conservatives love everything and...

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Reagan Pointing Tshirt Design

Reagan Pointing Tshirt Design

Donald J. Trump wasn’t the first President to use the Slogan “Make America Great Again.  Reagan used it in 1980. I, personally, don’t know why this isn’t the motto of every Presidential candidate, from every party, every election cycle.  Nothing should be more...

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