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Saving America from Political Correctness

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Read Our Story Below

Our Story

Our founder and owner, Eric Grinnell has followed politics his whole life, more because he doesn’t like politics, than because he likes anything about it. He finds actions by politicians on both sides of the aisle to be offensive. He will discuss the issues with anyone, as long as they make sense. Unfortunately, liberals almost never make any sense whatsoever.
Eric has, from time to time, served on local, county, and state level Republican Party boards. He has worked as a political staffer at the state level, has held elected office at the county level, and had the honor of being Donald J. Trumps Kentucky 6 th Congressional District chairman during the 2016 primary election.

Eric is a father, a husband, and a veteran. He believes that the most important goal of political activism is to protect individuals from the excesses of government. He also believes that the pursuit of this goal has been utterly abandoned by Democrats (whom he always refers to as Socialists), that Republicans fail miserably at pursuing this goal, and that the only two Republican Presidents who have done a decent job of protecting America from too much government are Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

Eric started this site as a response to growing liberal hostility and abuse. There used to be a time when we debated issues in this country, and Eric believes those times are gone. Because liberals demonize and vilify and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them on any issue, civil discourse in America is dead. If merely holding a political opinion that liberals disagree with makes you a racist, a misogynist, or a homophobe, then those words cease to have any meaning. Racism and sexism are horrible problems in this country, and liberals victimize and exploit the victims of these horrible crimes by trivializing the words to the point that no one pays attention to them anymore. Meaningful political discourse requires more thought and more manners than liberals are capable of.

With debate gone, civility gone, and dialogue limited to hurling insults, Eric believes that the website “” is the perfect name. at the perfect time. He does not apologize for it, and he never will. Liberals have said what they think of us for years. Liberals call us racist (even those of us that are minorities, somehow). Liberals call us sexist (even those among us that are women, somehow). Liberals call us homophobic (even those among us that are gay, somehow) Liberals call us deplorable.

Liberals call us uneducated. They call our homes “flyover country.” They say we cling desperately to our Bibles and our guns. They talk with glee about waiting for us to grow old and die. They advocate for us to be harassed and assaulted in public, for no sin other than having political opinions that they don’t like. Everything that liberals do and say about us is hateful.
Liberals clearly hate us. It’s time to return the favor. Being polite to your enemy is one of the ways the culture war is lost. There is too much at stake. We cannot lose. We must not lose.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement


To PASSIONATELY CREATE and deliver messaging that defends and advances conservative ideas and values;

To GRATEFULLY REWARD our customers for supporting our vision by providing them with entertaining products of the highest quality, at the best possible price;

To POWERFULLY LEVERAGE our products, our followers, and our voice to assist conservative American thinkers and activists in spreading a message that both defines and advances our cause;

 To DELIBERATELY DIRECT our every action and thought to convey conservative thoughts clearly and unapologetically;

To NEVER SURRENDER the moral high ground to those who would limit free speech or make political thought a crime;

To PROUDLY DEFEND democracy, capitalism, and the American Republic from the agenda of those who would undo it, doing so with ENTHUSIASM, COURAGE, AND VIGILANCE.

Our Vision


(1) Liberate political dialogue from political correctness.

(2) Champion patriotism, conservative ideas, and traditional values.

(3) Save America from the Liberal Agenda.

Have fun while we do it.