“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!”  Bold words, by Robert Francis O’Rourke, a Democrat politician who goes by the nickname “Beto” so that he can market himself better to the Latino community of Texas.  Beto also wants to strip churches of their tax-exempt status… apparently he doesn’t know that all those Latin votes he’s chasing are almost 100% loyal Catholics. 

 The desire to limit our Second Amendment Rights is nothing at all new to liberals.  They’ve been trying to do it for years. But even more than trying to do it, they love to use it to manipulate their voter base.  Bet O’Rourke made this call to “take our AR-15s” in a desperate play for relevance in the Democrat primaries, and it failed miserably.  Apparently, Beto doesn’t know the real facts of gun ownership in America: Democrats love their Second Amendment rights too. Only in the socialist world of Democratic Presidential Primaries is a call for the government to steal our weapons from us not immediately dismissed as crazy.

But do you know what IS crazy?  A call for a national initiative to confiscate and steal our guns… by a guy with so little political clout that he can’t get over 2% in the polls, can’t defeat Ted Cruz for Senate in his home state, and can’t even retake his own Congressional seat.

Want to take my AR-15, Beto?  Come on by the offices of WeHateLiberals.com.  Pay up your insurance before you drop by. If you can walk out of there alive with my gun in your hands, you can keep it.