This is such a simple message, but such a powerful message.  Picking the colors was easy.  Red is the color of our movement.  When I see this logo on a bumper sticker or on a shirt, I think of a brilliant campaign that was put out almost two decades ago by the Media Resource Center and  “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media.”

These signs and bumper stickers were everywhere.  It was such a powerful and simple message. And conservatives GOT the message.  Truth is, we already hadn’t been believing them for years. It’s my hope that my clear and direct motto can make the same clear statement.  As long as liberals are committed to destroying America, and everything about America that is great, we will never be friends. We will not compromise with them about core principles and essential institutions.  We will not surrender the moral high ground to them. We will fight and resist them at every turn. And ultimately, we WILL win. Wear this logo, and place it on your car, with pride, and send a clear message: no more Mr. Nice Guy.