Wow, Elizabeth Warren is such a phony and a fake.  To find a Presidential candidate more fake than her, we’d have to go all the way back to… 2004, when the total phony John Kerry tried to trot out his military history to support a run for President that, if successful, he would have used to emasculate America and its military.  

Swiftboaters for Truth held John Kerry accountable.  The question now is, now who is going to hold Elizabeth Warren accountable?  Her career was jumpstarted by cheating her way into the Ivy League, and then stealing a job at Harvard by claiming to be a minority when she wasn’t.  She claims to be Native American. How Native American is she? We know because she told us in October 2018: she’s approximately 0.09% Native American.  Just so we are clear, that’s a little bit less than 1 part in a thousand. But Elizabeth Warren used it to et into the Ivy League and used it to get a job at Harvard.  And she had the audacity to try to use it to bolster her political aspirations. But Donald Trump called her out on that and didn’t let her get away with it.

Native American isn’t the only thing Elizabeth Warren has been a phony and a fake about.  She also claims to be another flavor of victim, that she was fired from a job for being pregnant.  Documentation has already come out to prove that that claim is a total lie as well. She’d already been offered an extension to her contract, and she voluntarily quit.  She was probably in a mad rush to go get into that Ivy League school.

What do these two things have in common, about both Warren, and about liberals in general?  The victim culture. My blogs have spoken about this at great length, but the short version is… liberals love a victim.  Victimhood is powerful political fodder for liberals. Their opinion has to be listened to because… they’re a victim. And anyone who disagrees with that victim on a political issue is an evil and insensitive person.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of watching pathetic weak human beings cry crocodile tears to win political debates.  It’s so bad with liberals, they’re now teaching and coaching their children to do it. Don’t believe me? Ask “Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg”  (I swear to God, that’s what her disgusting parents named her. Five names.) Here’s a picture of Greta crying about math and science that she cannot possibly even begin to comprehend:

And what do you get if you’re foolish enough to make a phony and a fake, a victim fetishist like Elizabeth Warren the President of the United States?  An emasculated military. Reentry into the Paris Accords, Billions more dollars given to Iran, and an American hating, self-loathing international apology tour the likes of which would make Barrack Obama Blush.  Maybe she’ll sit down with Greta Thurnberg and have a good cry.

     Hail to the Chief?  No way, Kemosabe.