A lot of people tell me that my webpage name is too nasty,that it will turn people off.  I strongly encourage those people to take a closer look.  Look at the way liberals have been talking about us for years.  Any person who doesn’t consider their statements to be an outright declaration of hate, my assertion to you is those people are insane or willfully blind.  Especially in the past ten years, their rhetoric has become so toxic, it is unforgivable. Hillary Clinton called us Deplorables. Barrack Obama declared that we cling desperately to our Bibles and our guns.  When they talk about our future as a nation, their eyes glitter and they babble with glee about the idea of us growing old, dying, and being replaced by immigrants and their offspring imported from south of the border.  Anytime we disagree with them in a political issue, we are racist, sexist, homophobic – you name it. They call us hateful names because they hate us. Make no mistake. The vile and hateful rhetoric of the left has destroyed civil discourse in our society and has made compromise impossible.  Any “compromise” is simply giving the liberals their way on an issue, with no corresponding gesture in return. If a criminal comes into your home to rob you, you don’t talk to him and compromise with him about what of your precious possessions you will allow him to take. You defend yourself.  In the same way, we must defend America from the liberals who wish to destroy it.

Look carefully at this list.  Liberals hate all these things.  Their constant political goal is to compromise, belittle, damage, and destroy those things – and so many more.  Anyone who thinks and acts like that hates America. And that’s why we hate liberals.