Johnny Cash has been gone for 16 years, and he is sorely missed.  We don’t know much about his politics – he very deliberately avoided it.  In this way, he is very much unlike his children, who are both known to be unapologetic liberal tools.  Even though she’s a liberal, Johnny’s daughter Roseanne has a great quote about him. She says that Johnny Cash “didn’t care where you stood politically… [he] could love all stripes, and that’s why all stripes claim him.”  Well… “didn’t care where you stood politically… could love all stripes” doesn’t sound like modern-day liberals to me at all. How about you?

It’s been fifty years since Johnny Cash flipped the bird to the Warden at San Quentin State Prison, but Americans still love it.  What fewer people are aware of is that Johnny used this photo again in 1998, when he was getting “cancel cultured” off the airwaves by country music radio stations.  “American Recordings and Johnny Cash would like to acknowledge the Nashville music establishment and country radio for your support.” He said in a bought ad in Billboard magazine, with his Finger flipping salute attached.  This is the reason that I am paying my respects to Johnny Cash. People are going to try to silence me, too. Try to silence this page. But I won’t let them, any more than Johnny Cash let himself be silenced. San Quentin Warden, bad country-western stations, liberal attack dogs, Johnny Cash and I have a message for you:  Walk the line, then read between the lines.