Donald J. Trump wasn’t the first President to use the Slogan “Make America Great Again.  Reagan used it in 1980.

I, personally, don’t know why this isn’t the motto of every Presidential candidate, from every party, every election cycle.  Nothing should be more important to Americans than making America great, so “Make America Great Again” should be the motto for everyone.

Reagan had to listen to the same abuses and insults at the hands of the media and the rabid left that Trump is dealing with now.  Reagan overcame them, and so will Trump. These men took their motto seriously. They have both done amazing things to Make America Great Again.

I have no doubt that Ronald Reagan would be proud to see Donald Trump using this theme.  In fact, the only question to be answered is whether or not Nancy would let Ronald Reagan get caught wearing anything other than a big old cowboy hat.  For this image, we are going to assume she would. Look at that hat, look at that smile. The greatest motto in Presidential politics, for the two greatest Presidents in our nation’s proud history.  These guys know all about winning.